Parent Support

two parents standing together

Every child within a family is an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses. Temperament, nature and nurture play such important roles on how to approach each child. Just when you think you have this parenting thing all figured out, you have a second child. It’s then that you find out that there is no book or no other child, (including your first), that is like your unique child(ren).

Raising children has its trials and tribulations for every family. The challenges are endless, just as are the rewards. Each parent comes from their own individual backgrounds with their own values and strengths. I provide the support to mesh those two backgrounds and personality types so that the children can attain their individual potential while receiving the support that they need from their parent(s). This is done while supporting each parent in that constant challenge of co-parenting with their partner. I offer the groundwork and the suggestions on an individual basis based on each parent’s styles and needs.

Individual Therapy